Denys Berinchyk, the Otaman from Krasnodon, Luhansk Oblast, is the 2012 Olympic light welter weight silver medalist. His first major accomplishment was winning the Ukrainian championship in 2009, followed by a silver medal at the 2011 World championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. In London Berinchyk was a part of the Ukrainian team that captured 5 medals, including 2 gold. He danced his was into the final only to lose 15-22 to Cuban Roniel Iglesias.

        Following the Olympic Games, Berinchyk was one of four Ukrainians from the London Olympic team to sign with the Otamans in the summer of 2012. He made his WSB debut at the Acco International Exhibition Center in Kiev, Ukraine against Artur Schmidt on February 1st 2013 when the Ukraine Otamans defeated the German Eagles by a whopping 5-0 scoreline.

        Berinchyk made his first official entrance wearing traditional Ukrainian Cossack attire, including red “Sharovary” pants, a black Cossack hat with blue and yellow ribbon, and a wooden cross around his neck. In his right hand he sported a Cossack sword, and in his left was a large wooden mace called “Bulava”, a traditional symbol of authority.

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